PHSAA Alumni

By Bettie Lou Powell

It’s been fifty years plus one
Since my class graduated,
And we turned out much better
Than we had anticipated.

Now the basis for success has been
Out stellar education,
And there can be no doubt about
Who gave us that foundation.

Maybe you’re a lawyer,
Or domestic enginner.
You could be a plumber.
Is there a doctor here?

I know I see some businessmen,
Bankers, CPA’s,
We may have cooks or caterers,
We make a living lots of ways.

Some of you are farmers,
A few are into coaching.
You may just have your first job,
Or, retirement is approaching.

Some may be computer savvy,
Some were called as preachers,
But the common thread among us
Is that all of us had teachers!

The PHS Alumni
Could not let this chance pass
To say “Old teachers never die…
They just lose their class!”

So, today let’s churn some memories
Of the impressions that they made,
And question if we did our part
To make the final grade!

The boys were known for flirting,
And she liked “flirting with”,
You know it was none other
Than the feisty Jewel P. Smith!

Mr. Culp dished out the history,
Dreamed of soaring with the eagles,
But he just scratched with turkeys,
And hoodlums and illegals!

There were spitballs on the ceiling
And the library, a wreck,
While Mrs. Lassiter sat there typing
By the method “hunt and peck”!

The band rehearsed below the stage.
Mr. Hunt taught Ag out back.
Clarence Good man was one buggle off.
Carey Lewis took no flack.

Mrs. Crider’s English, Spanish,
Taught us what to write and say.
Mr. Branson had one Sunday suit,
And he wore it every day.

Gertie Morris had such piercing eyes,
In our hearts, we all implored,
“We don’t know the answer!
Please don’t send us to the board!”

Mrs. Fairless taught us how to cook,
Mrs. Evans polished skill.
Frances Arnold loved book jackets…
Oh, she was quite a pill.

Mrs. Barrett knew her chemistry.
We students, well, did not!
So we made rotten egg gas
And other things that weren’t so hot!

Coach Kilzer and Bobby Cotham,
Sam Goodman, Evelyn Lowery
Kept us fit and active,
Their language was quite “flowery”!

In the first half of the ballgame
If the girls’ team ever “blew it”
The second half, they coached themselves,
Minus Danny Truett!

Pep rallies were down in the gym.
There were teapots in the lobby.
Boys smoked in the boiler room
And watched girls for a hobby!

A Peabody epidemic hit…
We had lots of married pairs,
So to solve this growing problem
Boys and Girls used separate stairs!

Lyle Putnam and John Underwood
Ruled with an iron fist,
While teens were bopping all around
And dancing to the twist.

Old Peabody has really changed a lot.
It almost met its doom…
Now people have apartments
In the stinky dressing room!

Then, there was elementary,
Which no one can forget.
Mrs. McKnight and Miss Kitty,
Miss Cooper and Miss Pet!

Ruth McLeary taught states and capitols
With Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Bennett,
And Mr. Taylor’s crutches could
Correct you in a minute!

Our teacher list continues…
My! How the years have flown.
And we have special memories
Of teachers we have known.

Teachers touch eternity
And hopefully inspire.
We’re either glad to see them go,
Or sad when they retire.

From A B C’s to advanced degrees,
They cheer us from the bleachers
As we play the game of life!
We are thankful for our teachers!